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Running for the CASB Board of Directors

2014 Elections

The nomination deadline for candidates who are also running for election on their local school board is 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 7. CASB member voting delegates will elect new CASB directors at our Annual Business & Leadership Meeting from 3:15-5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4, in conjunction with CASB’s 74th annual convention in Colorado Springs. A candidate guide outlining each candidate’s letter of intent and answers to questions prepared by CASB’s Board Leadership Committee will be emailed on Nov. 24 and posted to our website.

Delegates will vote for candidates vying for open seats in their respective regions. The 2014 CASB Board of Directors Candidate Guide will be available Nov. 24, 2014.

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    About the CASB Board of Directors

    CASB seats up for election in December 2014

    Board member responsibilities

    Board meetings, retreats and conferences

    Benefits of being a CASB director

    Nomination timeline and procedures

    CASB regions

About the CASB Board of Directors

CASB is governed by a 22-member board comprised of elected and appointed members of boards of education from across the state, representing CASB’s 12 geographic regions. 

CASB board members are elected each year at CASB’s annual convention and serve three-year terms. In addition, anyone in Colorado who serves as a member of the NSBA Board of Directors also serves on the CASB board in an at-large position. The State Board of Education is also invited to designate one of its members on an annual basis to serve as a liaison to the CASB Board of Directors.

The 22-member board of directors is divided among the CASB regions as follows:

 Region Number of directors
 Region 1:  One
 Region 2:  One
 Region 3:  One
 Region 4:  Three
 Region 5:  Three
 Region 6:  Three
 Region 7:  One
 Region 8:  One
 Region 9:  One
 Region 10:  One
 Region 11:  One
 Region 12:  One
 Large districts*: Four

Colorado’s six largest school districts are entitled to elect four directors to the CASB board. Those school districts are Jefferson County, Denver Public Schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Adams 12 Five Star Schools and Aurora Public Schools.

CASB seats up for election in December 2014

The following list indicates seats on the CASB Board up for election, the length of term and the incumbent CASB Director currently holding each seat.

 Term length:

2  3-year

Lyndon Burnett, Agate 300 (not running again)

Debbie Lammers, St. Vrain Valley RE-1J
5 3-year
Mary Nichols, Littleton Public Schools (not running again)
5  3-year

Jen Raiffie, Mapleton Public Schools
6  3-year

Sherryl Dillon, Cheyenne Mountain 12
 8  3-year

Erin Young, Summit RE-1
9 3-year
Ronda Lobato, Centennial R-1
12 3-year
Toby Roderick, Ignacio 11-JT
LD* 3-year
Eric Nelson, Aurora Public Schools

*Large district seats open to CASB members from the following school districts: Jefferson County, Denver, Cherry Creek, Adams 12 and Aurora

Board member responsibilities

The board of directors is responsible for establishing CASB policies, as well as maintaining contact with other organizations whose work affects local boards of education. The board of directors hires the executive director conducts an annual evaluation of the executive director, and approves the annual budget. CASB directors serve as liaisons to other committees as appropriate. The liaisons to these committees are appointed by the CASB president.

The CASB Board's job is interesting, exciting and critical in making state-level decisions representing CASB regions. Below is a list of BOD responsibilities. Click here to view the full list of job responsibilities.

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  • Serve as liaisons between CASB and boards in each region, meeting and communicating with local boards about relevant issues and apprising the CASB staff and board of concerns and local boards’ needs.
  • Connect with members at CASB conferences and convention.


  • Attend in full and prepare for all board meetings.
  • Participate in discussions about issues while respecting other points of view.
  • Support the board’s decision once a decision is made.
  • Evaluate and follow up on board meeting outcomes. Monitor how board actions are being implemented in the short and long term. Bring up concerns with the board president, executive director or board of directors as appropriate.
  • Participate effectively in committees to which you attend on behalf of CASB.


  • Serve as vigorous advocates for CASB and local boards, locally and at state and regional levels, to promote the best interest and support the CASB mission.
  • Serve as CASB ambassadors, who are knowledgeable about CASB policies, goals, plans and services.

Board meetings, annual retreat and CASB conferences

Board meetings: Four times per year (March, June, September and December)
Note: The first official meeting for newly elected members will be Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, immediately following the closing general session at the convention.

CASB board meetings are traditionally held in Denver at CASB’s offices, with the exception of the December meeting, held at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. CASB reimburses directors for round-trip mileage to attend board meetings in Denver, provides meals and overnight accommodations for those traveling across the state.

Annual Retreat: A board of directors retreat is typically held during the second or third weekend in January. Locations vary.

Conferences: CASB waives registration fees for board of directors to attend CASB conferences and convention. Members are responsible for hotel accommodations, mileage and meals.

Benefits of being a CASB director

Serving on the CASB Board of Directors takes time and dedication, but it is not without its rewards. According to current and past CASB directors, when you become a CASB director your board responsibilities come with these powerful benefits.

  • Deepened understanding of major issues. Frequent board presentations, updates and discussions inform the CASB Board of state-level issues and how they affect Colorado school districts.
  • Varied perspectives on significant state and federal issues. Discussions on major issues help board members “step out of their region” and see issues from others’ points of view.
  • Camaraderie with knowledgeable experienced board members outside your immediate board.
  • Knowledge of best practices from districts around the state.
  • Strong sense of satisfaction that you are personally having an impact at the state level on behalf of students.
  • Strengthened connection with CASB’s staff and their CASB legislative and service initiatives.
  • Deepened understanding of, and a vote in, CASB’s annual initiatives.

Nomination timeline and procedures

The nomination deadline for candidates is 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 7.

Electronic submissions in Word format should be submitted to CASB President Jan Tanner c/o Ana Navratil at

All nominees, both incumbents and nonincumbents, must follow the same nomination procedures. All nominations must include:

1.  A letter of intent from the candidate. Letter of intent must:
    • Identify the board seat to which he or she is seeking election
    • Describe why he or she wants to serve on the board of directors
    • Why he or she is well-qualified to serve on the CASB Board of Directors
2.  Two letters of recommendation. (No more than two letters will be accepted.)
    • Letters should generally address or describe the qualities that would make the candidate a valuable member of the CASB Board of Directors.
    • The superintendent or other employee of the candidate’s school district may not submit a letter of recommendation.
    • At least one recommendation must come from a person who has not served together with the candidate on his or her local board of education.
    • Letters should be limited to one page.
3.  Answers to the following three questions prepared by the CASB Board Leadership Committee. Answers to each question may not exceed 200 words. CASB reserves the right to edit entries for length.
    1. One of the roles of a CASB Director is to learn about the challenges and successes faced by school boards in your region and to communicate that information to the CASB Directors. CASB Directors must also communicate with local school boards regarding CASB priorities and activities, and seek to involve local board members in some of those priorities. Describe several specific ways in which you might carry out these elements of the work of a CASB Director.

    2. CASB is a nonprofit, statewide membership organization that focuses on policy and board development work to further the CASB mission of "advancing excellence in public education through effective leadership by locally elected boards of education." Describe how you think the nature of CASB and its mission will make service on the CASB board different from your service on your local board.

    3. Keeping in mind the CASB vision to prepare all of Colorado’s local school boards through leadership, service, training and advocacy to build a system of public schools in which “all students are challenged to meet their full potential,” describe how the skills, personal vision and enthusiasm you would bring to the CASB Board of Directors would be used by you to advance the CASB vision.
A link to the candidates' profiles will be emailed to the membership by Monday, Nov. 24, 2014.

NOTE: The letters of intent and answers to candidate questions will be published in a candidate booklet to be distributed to CASB delegates at the annual business meeting. These documents provide a glimpse of your experience to our members. Please type all entries and check spelling. CASB reserves the right to edit entries for length.

CASB Board of Directors Election
74th Annual Business & Leadership Meeting, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014. Meeting is held from 3:15-5:30 p.m.

CASB Regions

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